• Question: Do important athletes try your work personally?

    Asked by Raquel Sabaté to Dan, Helen, Katy, LauraAnne on 18 Nov 2016.
    • Photo: LauraAnne Furlong

      LauraAnne Furlong answered on 18 Nov 2016:

      I’ve previously worked with senior Irish and Welsh Rugby Union players, as well as Irish hockey, but when we work as scientists we can’t release individual names of athletes unless they give us permission to do so, so I’m sorry 🙁

    • Photo: Katy Griggs

      Katy Griggs answered on 18 Nov 2016:

      I have worked with a number of Paralympic squads and athletes over the years through my PhD and Research Assistant role, all of which I would consider great athletes. However I cant disclose who these individuals are due to data protection!