• Question: What's the easiest muscle that can get harmed while doing sport ?

    Asked by Diana to Dan, Helen, Katy, LauraAnne on 18 Nov 2016.
    • Photo: LauraAnne Furlong

      LauraAnne Furlong answered on 18 Nov 2016:

      It’s usually dependent on the sport – in recreational running (going for a run or jog 2-3 times per week), about 65% of all injuries occur below the knee. Another study from the same scientist showed about 36% of those were in the calf muscles (the plantarflexors), so for those runners, the calf muscles are very easily injured. In sprinters, the hamstrings at the back of your upper leg are very commonly injured, with about 33% of injuries happening in that area. Swimmers and throws athletes however suffer a lot with shoulder injuries.

    • Photo: Katy Griggs

      Katy Griggs answered on 18 Nov 2016:

      That really depends on the sport and muscles/joints you predominant use in the sport. For instance, swimmers are more likely to get shoulder injuries than footballers who are more likely to get knee or hip injuries. The majority of injuries athletes sustain are overuse from repeatedly doing the same movement.