Thank you from your winner – Laura-Anne!

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We asked Laura-Anne to tell us about winning I’m a Scientist, and here is what she said…

Hi everyone! I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who voted for me over the past two weeks – it’s been a fantastic experience, one I’ve loved being part of. It was very strange coming into work on Monday morning and not having any chats or questions to answer, I wonder would the organising team and your teachers let us do it all over again?

It’s been lots of fun being a part of IASUK – the live chats were manic and you really knew how to make us think on the spot, and I loved replying to all your ASK questions. The variety and sort of questions asked certainly kept us on our toes, and I’ve learnt lots myself. It’s been great to see what you are all interested in and what sort of things you think the future might hold for us – that’s quite exciting! I hope you all enjoyed it too and that I’ve inspired some of you to think about how and why science is important in our everyday lives, and that maybe you might like to be a scientist in the future….

In the Sport Science Zone we had a great mix of both athletes and scientists. I hope this allowed you all to see how athletes like Emilia, Stephanie and Andrew benefit from science in their respective sports, and that from chatting to Katy, Helen, Dan and I you can see how broad and varied sport science is, the different things you can do in it, and what some potential career options are.

I really wanted to take part in IASUK to show you science isn’t all about being indoors in a lab coat all day – labs can be anywhere. Scientists can help solve all sorts of different challenges, from helping someone to walk again to training an athlete to win an Olympic gold. Thanks to all your votes, I’m looking forward to getting started on organising the videos and visits to show you all this and more.

A big thank you again to everyone involved – teachers, organisers, moderators, scientists, athletes and all the students – without you none of this could have happened 🙂

Best wishes,

Posted on November 25, 2016 by modmichaela in News.

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